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Surprise Me Bars

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  • Unscented - $3.00
  • Fragranced - $3.00
  • Essential Oil - $3.00
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5 bars of handmade soap made with saponified oils & Love. The Bars will come from soaps now in available stock.
~Scents/Recipes Vary
~Coconut or Goat Milk
~Beer or Whiskey
~Kaolin Clay or Dried Flowers or Herbs
~Bentonite or Activated Charcoal
~Oatmeal, Salt, Sugar & Silk
~Titanium Dioxide & Mica
~Coconut, Olive/Rice Bran, Sunflower, Castor (possibly Soybean/Beeswax).
~Shea Butter/ Cocoa Butter
• Michigan taxes 6%.
• Proper storage ensures a longer lasting bar.
• Returns are not accepted, but refunds/replacements are always considered via PAYPAL ONLY.
• Shapes vary depending on the molds available with weight being approximated minimum.
• I do NOT share any personal information.
• Seller not responsible for delivery delays once released to agent.
Items ship within 3 business days of ordering.
Please read ingredients for allergies or skin sensitivities. Feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns